Unbundling services

A recent article on lawyerist discussed unbundled services in relationship to attorney services.  The idea is a simple one – instead of providing complete representation to their clients, in the traditional sense, attorneys under this scheme provide only limited services – sometimes piecemeal, on a one off basis, sometimes on-going, but again piecemeal.

The arrangement can work for clients who need legal services, but can’t necessarily afford the cost of full representation, as well as work for the attorneys who collects some fee (usually a flat fee) from a client who otherwise would not have hired them.

In theory, then, everybody wins with unbundled service – however, it’s not all wine and roses.  The attorney has to be extremely careful that the scope of representation is clearly and unambiguously spelled out to ensure there are no later problems.  The client must understand what the attorney will and will NOT do – and be OK with that.

Done right, unbundling can work for everyone.  Done wrong, and it leads to frustrated clients, attorneys, and all matter of bad things.  Don’t do it wrong.

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