Stop waiting to bill

A new article over on Lawyerist helped put some numbers on what we already (should) know, but often try to tell ourselves isn’t true.

Waiting until the end of the month to do your legal billing entries is a great way to ensure your bill is wrong. Specifically, you’re likely to both overbill your clients (by some 20%) and forget other things, leading to missed billings as well.

No doubt, some attorneys might not consider overbilling to be a problem, but in addition, of course, to the ethics of it, it is an action that brings with many negative consequences: the low opinion most have of lawyers, the persistant believe that lawyers costs too much; fees being written down (even if accurate) in fee disputes and petitions, and, as discussed by the article, a client backlash that is starting to demand more transparency and real-time information.

Thankfully, Online Legal Software can have the ability to help make real-time legal billing a snap. With our narrative feature, an attorney can create time records as they do the work and end the dread of facing a stack of bills to create and billing entries to “remember.”

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