Social media pages the new yellow pages

We understand that attorneys aren’t always the most technological savvy bunch out there and that’s OK, to some degree, since you can still be a great lawyer without being a techie.

But while you might not need the latest and greatest, or to understand everything under the sun, you do need a basic understanding of modernity.  Kevin O’Keefe mentions a surprising one regarding contact information – failure to have it easily accessible on your social media pages.

The logic is simple.  Unless you are one of the lucky one (and there seem to be fewer and fewer of them each year) that doesn’t need new business, new potential clients are often going to find you via your social media pages, simply because those are the media they are often on.

If you make it difficult for them, you can potentially cost yourself a client.

Think of this as a modern update to the old maxim regarding answering your phone.  Just as the client in the 80s moved on to the next attorney when you didn’t pick up (or didn’t call because you weren’t in the yellow pages), the client in the ’10s moves on when they don’t see your phone and email right in front of them.

Don’t give them an excuse.

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