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Kevin O’Keefe recently had a piece explaining his answer for the commonly-asked question, “How Do You Get Lawyers to Blog?

It’s interesting to note that his answer (a good one, of course) touches on the reasons an attorney should blog – not just to hear their own voice, but to act as a valuable resource – to inform potential and existing customers of the law, of news, etc.

Kevin’s analogy is to newspaper clipping, and the analogy is a good one, as this “curating” (to use the social-media buzzword) is remarkably similar to what attorneys have (or at least should) have always done.

To wit, we remember reading Jay Foonberg’s classic from the ’80s on ways solo and small firm attorneys could get and keep good clients; the methods may have changed (photocopying articles and mailing them to your list back then), but the concept is often the same. Blogging is just the new way for attorneys to show they are more than just some guys in suits that send you bills, but trusted professionals who got your back.

So if you’ve been avoiding blogging because you weren’t quite sure what it was about, don’t. Just remember, sharing is caring and clients like you to care.


  • October 10, 2014

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