Is rural the answer for the “lost generation” of attorneys?

Lawyerist recently had a post (well, re-post) of an article suggesting that attorneys look outside big cities for work – specifically, that they think about hanging a shingle in a small town.

The idea appeals to many and is, in some ways, a modern update on the old advice to be the second attorney in a one attorney town; but others have taken issue with the idea that rural areas offer salvation – note, for instance, a critique at “Scammed Hard” (admittedly, perhaps, a negative view.)

Both points are valid to some degree.  The rural market does have some opportunities, however, you have to choose a thriving rural area (which can be few and far between) and it certainly does help to have connections there, but like anything else, while it’s not a sure thing (is anything?), it can be done, if you want that lifestyle.   The spread of technology has allowed the rural attorney to often compete on a level playing field, but it’s still not for everyone.

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