The robots are coming (but not yet…)

A recent article discussed new improvements in AI technology, in the context of an on-going discussion on whether the technology will be replacing junior level attorneys.

As if attorneys didn’t have enough to worry about.

But, while AI technology is making huge strides forward, it is not yet to a level to handle anything but the simplest research queries.

That said, the progress in the area, from even a couple years ago, is massive.  The author posits that AI will, at some point in the near-future, be able to handle more complex queries and rudimentary legal research.  How this will effect the legal marketplace and the lives’ of associates-to-be, of course, remains hypothetical, but have no doubt, this is yet one more way the legal industry will change in ways that would be unrecognizable only a few short decades ago and attorneys who wish to thrive (if not merely survive) will have to find ways to adapt.

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