Organizing makes for happy lawyers

A recent article from ZenTools has some nice tips in keeping yourself organized.  After all, while software like Online Legal Software can certainly play in important role in keeping your clients and work product organized, there are off-line solutions too that can help bring organization to both your life and firm; after all, organization and an organized life are keys to success (although admittedly, attorney who fancy the desk covered in papers may disagree).

Especially today, when even simple litigation has the tendency to produce reams of paper (and e-mails), it’s critical to quickly catalog, sort, and organize your practice.  Failure to do so can led to catastrophe – a missing pleading, missed deadlines, and even worse.  Technology can help, but it can’t overcome bad systems and lists like this one help you create those systems (and good habits) to help make you a better (and happy) lawyer.

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