Net neutrality at risk

Net neutrality is the foundation of the modern internet.  It is the principal, put simply, that internet providers have to treat all sites the same – so a user could access anything they want to simply by paying for the service as a whole.  The FCC, however, in a much maligned decision, has voted to change that and allow preferential treatment to those who pay for it.

Most commentators agree this is terrible for consumers; the only question is how bad will be it.  Will consumers have to pay more to view their favorite sites?  Will providers cut off access to sites they don’t like?  How will it affect advertising and search results if, say, a company (even a law firm) could pay a provider to have its competitors sites blocked?

We urge all concerned citizens to contact their elected officials and make it known the havoc these poor decisions are almost certain to have on the American consumer and the American economy.  We cannot afford to fall yet further behind in an inter-connected world.

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