Multitasking is not your friend

Seth Godin had a interesting little snippet on cognitive loads recently.

Seth’s point, and a valid one, is that the brain suffers when trying to handle too much – when the cognitive load gets too high, as it were.

For lawyers, this often comes into play with multitasking.  Busy lawyers are trying to get alot done, understandably, but by trying to juggle too many things, it’s just a simple fact that our brains weren’t designed to handle this.

What’s the result?

Taking longer on tasks.  Doing tasks poorly.  Over-billing.  Under-performing.

Not a good combination.

Most attorneys would be wise to take a step back.  Focus on tasks and get them done.  Instead of checking email or your phone constantly, set aside time to do so.  You might find that returning to single tasking, instead of multitasking, will result in better quality work delivered quicker, which is good for you and your clients.

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