Maine says yes to attorney cloud use

The great state of Maine has joined the states giving the OK to attorney use of the cloud and cloud providers, such as Online Legal Software.

While no state has issued an ethics opinion that states attorney cannot use cloud computing solutions, many have remained silent on the issue.  While attorneys in those states should feel confident on the ethical use of the cloud in light of the general consensus, (and lack of any negative opinions to the contrary), it’s still nice to see a state give the formal OK.

The Maine Board of Overseers did just that in ethics opinion 207.  Attorneys in Maine can use the cloud without worry, so long as they remain vigilant as to their on-going responsibilities under the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct, held the Board.

Attorney cloud use can be done with confidence using products that are safe and secure.  If you’ve been on the fence, or are worried about security and ethics, you don’t need to be.




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