Law schools teaching technology

Like it or not, the time is coming (if it’s not already here), that lawyers will not have the option of doing things “the old fashioned way”

Potential clients will find and use attorneys in ways directed and dictated by technology.

Existing clients will expect (and demand) certain ways of doing things: from how (and when) things are communicated to how they pay their bills.

Courts will mandate electronic filing and service.

Bars will enforce ethical rules mandating a level of technological prowess.

It’s coming.  And smart lawyers have been adjusting.  It’s nice to see some law schools do as well.

For new lawyers to not have the skills they need to survive (let alone thrive) in the modern workplace would be inexcusable.  The profession is tough enough without entering it with your hands tied behind your back.  Let’s hope more law schools follow suit and ensure new lawyers have the skills they need, not just in legal research and analysis, but in technology.


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