Keeping track of time is just smart business

Attorneys don’t like keeping track of their time.  This isn’t surprising, considering attorney time tracking is hardly the most exciting task.  Indeed, few things are less exciting (and more tedious) that recording your time in six minute intervals.

No doubt, that’s why many attorneys have moved away from traditional hourly billing to flat fees and other hybrid arrangements.  While these make total sense for many practice areas, it remains difficult for attorneys to avoid tracking their time in all cases, especially in litigation matters.

And if you have to do it, it’s important to do it right.  Oftentimes, we see attorneys who keep poor time records – perhaps calculating (let’s be honest: guessing) how much time certain tasks took long after they performed them.  Needless to say, such time tracking methods are less than ideal.

Thankfully, modern solutions, like Online Legal Software’s narrative function, make attorney time tracking simple and easy.  Using these tools, one click lets an attorney track time, for multiple cases and clients, and record time and billing records instantly and accurately.

Better records make for better bills.  And better bills make it easily for clients to pay.  That’s just smart business.

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