Expansion isn’t always a good thing

Roy Ginsberg had a nice piece on lawyerist regarding the dangers of solos expanding too quickly and/or too rashly. Indeed, this is a serious problem that is probably responsible for the failure of many a solo law office – you get busy, you hire help, the business goes away (since it is often cylical) and you are left with someone you can’t keep busy and (even worse) can’t afford.

Mergers is another way solos can get into trouble. If you’re merging with someone with a great book of business, great. But if you’re both struggling, chance are you will just struggle jointly. And if they have problems you might not be aware of, you could be adding more misery.

But, as Ginsberg points out, not everything is doom and gloom. It just takes careful thought and prepreation to make sure you’re making the right choice for your firm’s success.

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