Clients from hell

Wow.  attorneyatwork recently had a list of ten clients from hell and we had to laugh our way through it, given that we’ve probably represented each one of those types… sometimes multiple times

What about you?  Client vetting has to be one of the most important (yet often overlooked) aspects of managing a firm.  The wrong clients can easily sink a good lawyer – they don’t pay their bills, they make unreasonable demands, and they lead to massive lost opportunity costs (after all, if you’re spending all your time on garbage cases and garbage clients, you don’t have time for the good stuff)

Alas, technology can’t replace good systems (and experience) when it comes to vetting clients, but it can make it easier to build those systems in the first place.  A good case management system can allow you to streamline intake procedures, systematize information, and otherwise make it easier for you and your staff.

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