“Anti-spendism” affects lawyers too

A recent article by Jason Perlow used the term “anti-spendism” to describe a trend he sees in consumer expectations and use of technology – namely, the growing desire to spend less, yet receive the same or better goods or services.

To some degree, this is both inevitable and expected, as consumers have more choices, they are freer to spend their money on things that meet their specific needs in the best way.  For traditional service providers, however, this can be a challenge, almost an existential challenge.

Lawyers are not immune.  One could easily add the ranks of do-it-yourself law sites to Perlow’s lists of “anti-spendism” trends, as consumers turn to their free and inexpensive solutions instead of using the services of a lawyer, who to many people, share traits with cable companies, as expensive providers of dubious service.

Lawyers, of course, rail against said sites, but the solution is not to ban them or build higher walls around a profession, but to demonstrate value.  The lawyer who can do that is the lawyer well-positioned for the future, no matter how “anti-spendism” it may become.

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